Our Vision and Values

Our strapline: ‘aspire, achieve, excel‘ sums up our vision for The Williamson Trust. All members of our family of schools set their sights high, achieve to the best of their ability and excel in all that they do.

Through a relentless focus on the quality of teaching, pupil progress, pastoral care and leadership, all children in Trust schools are enabled to enjoy their learning, to develop 21st century skills for life and work and to achieve beyond their expectations.

We passionately believe that there is no ceiling to what children and teachers can achieve and that by working together across the family of schools to build capacity and share expertise, we ensure that all children can achieve outstanding outcomes relative to their starting points, both in the curriculum and co-curriculum offer.

We are committed to the concept of collaborative leadership, whilst at the same time encouraging schools to maintain and develop their own unique ethos and identity.

Two core and non-negotiable values inform our work as a family of schools:

  • Every child deserves to attend an outstanding school
  • Every member of staff deserves exceptional challenge and outstanding support to enable them to perform to the best of their ability

Our work as a family of schools is also underpinned by the following principles:

  • High quality teaching resulting in outstanding outcomes
  • Outstanding leadership that brings out the best in everyone
  • Exceptional behaviour systems which ensure good manners and respect for each individual
  • An agreed monitoring and evaluation framework that keeps all aspects of the schools under constant review
  • Efficient systems and procedures that allow schools to concentrate on their core purpose
  • Centralised continuous/ joint professional development opportunities that create future leaders and allow all to deliver to the best of their ability
  • Outstanding risk management policies and procedures that keep staff and pupils safe
  • Effective relationships with parents that develop a sense of belonging and pride in Trust schools.