Spend more time than money on your kids. Hug them every day. Let them play. Make sure you talk with them. Tell them you love them. Let them climb, skip and run ….but never force them. Let them use their imagination and creativity. Praise them throughout life. Let them share your world …..and you share theirs!

How Parents/Carers can help with Homework

  • Encourage and support your child and value their efforts and achievements
  • Become involved with the task but allow your child to develop independent learning
  • Use the Homework Book or Contact Book to give feedback to the Class Teacher on how your child has tackled the activity. For example how long the task took and how enjoyable it was.

What is Homework?

Homework refers to any work or activity that pupils are asked to do outside lesson time, either on their own or with parents / carers.

Aims of our Policy

  • To ensure consistency of approach to setting homework throughout the school
  • To ensure that parents are clear about what their child is expected to so and to support the parents/caress in knowing how to help their child
  • To provide opportunities for parents, pupils and the school to work together in partnership
  • To encourage pupils and their parents/carers to share and enjoy learning together
  • To improve the quality of the learning experience
  • To give pupils opportunities to practise, consolidate and further develop core skills
  • To give opportunities for pupils to apply their thinking skills in a variety of ways so that they develop confidence and the self discipline to study independently

The Purpose of Homework 

The range of homework activities set at High Halstow Primary School is open to constant change. The majority of the more “open ended” or creative tasks will be based on the application of De Bono’s thinking skills as this allows pupils to develop independence of thought. There will be tasks that are ongoing and regular such as the expectation of daily reading, practising of multiplication facts or mathematical operations. Pupils at our school have identified that they enjoy the more creative and fun aspects of homework

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